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Armani – Air di Gioia

Armani - Air di Gioia
Armani – Air di Gioia

The story of Armani’s Acqua Di Gioi collection began in 1996 . The brand did not fail to amaze with its scent that smells of the sea. However, it was not until 2010 that the very famous Acqua Di Gioia appeared, a kind of female equivalent of this very authentic natural juice. Also, in this spring of 2016, the story of this assortment of essences continues. Indeed, Armani has just announced the release of its next Air Di Gioia, an ode to women, nature and freedom.

The lightness of the new Air Di Gioia

Air Di Gioia is a fragrance that was designed for a strong and free woman, in perfect harmony with nature. This is particularly unpredictable. If it was once a question of water at Armani, today it is the light breeze that is in the spotlight. Air Di Gioia starts off with a smell of salt evoking a maritime breeze. Then, it evolves towards a particularly feminine heart. This one is especially full of peony, a plant with a very floral and tender aroma. Moreover, it gives off scents resembling those of the rose, sprinkled by a fresh morning dew.

Then, the base of Air Di Gioia evolves towards more woody tones. It includes cypress, a tree with a typically Mediterranean scent, releasing woody, invigorating, aromatic and camphoric flavors. What is more, it even brings a slightly hesperid aspect which only reinforces the liveliness of the whole. Patchouli, meanwhile, further emphasizes the whole with a more oriental, earthy and deep trait. On the bottle side, Air Di Gioia is faithful to the aesthetics of its predecessor. It displays a shapely silhouette with very feminine curves. This one simply sees its shade evolve slightly. If it was once thought of in transparent emerald glass, today it is light blue, like the very aerial universe it depicts.

The philosophy of Armani fragrances

Since the beginning of this collection, Armani has portrayed us the image of a woman close to natural elements. Acqua Di Gioia perfumes are essences of joy extracted from the very heart of the elements. They offer us exhilarating getaways and are inspired by the distant islands where the creator of the brand loved to recharge his batteries between two creations. Nature suddenly seems to be the source of eternal beauty. Acqua Di Gioia reveals the identity of a serene woman in perfect harmony with her environment.

In this sense, these perfumes are particularly poetic and sublimate the exaltation of the senses. They are real second skins that we take pleasure in proudly wearing so as to leave a bewitching and limpid trail behind us. They serve as much to embellish the body with a bewitching scent as to delight the mind with an authentic and jovial trail. Air Di Gioia could thus become the ideal companion for your next summer. It will then make you a fulfilled woman in perfect harmony with the surrounding nature.

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