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Meteorites le Perfume, the new Guerlain fragrance

Meteorites le Perfume, the new Guerlain fragrance
Meteorites le Perfume, the new Guerlain fragrance

Guerlain transforms its famous Meteorites into a brand new fragrance

Guerlain is one of the biggest French beauty brands. She is both famous for her perfumes but also for her makeup department. A true pioneer, Guerlain is a brand that continues to innovate to revolutionize and improve the daily lives of women. In this context, the brand had developed a new kind of powder called Meteorites . Today, because it happens very often that the two creative universes of Guerlain intermingle, the Meteorites become a perfume. Focus on this new, particularly feminine essence …

The Meteorites Perfume, an inspiration from a make-up powder

Before being a perfume, the Guerlain Meteorites designate a powder that saw the light of day in 1987. A real innovation in the world of make-up, it was the first compact powder to emerge, bringing together countless beads of different colors. The objective of the Meteorites was to bring light and radiance to the face by harmoniously mixing different beauty secrets. Meteorites have since deposited a veil of light on female faces. This is one of the most famous beauty secrets on the planet. Guerlain Meteorites have the gift of giving women a healthy glow with a simple passage and have become the most beautiful allies of porcelain complexions. Guerlain’s Meteorites Perfume was therefore designed to pay tribute to this brand’s best-seller.

The feminine and timeless scent of Meteorites Perfume

It was while visiting the Guerlain cosmetics manufacturing plant that Thierry Wasser decided to make Le Parfum Meteorites. For this, he was inspired by the scent of rice powders that women used to put on their faces. This is where the slightly powdery smell of this perfume comes from. This limited edition is a true delight for the senses. It first takes off on a fresh breath of bergamot, apple and green note. Then, this spring vitality is relayed by a very feminine heart of rose and violet. Woody nuances run through the whole and enhance its depth and tenacity. Finally, Le Parfum Meteorites ends with a more padded and comfortable scent of white musk.

Guerlain opts for a rounded bottle

From then on, all that remained was to enclose everything in a sumptuous bottle. The Meteorites Perfume comes in a round-shaped bottle similar to that of Guerlain’s Terracotta perfume . It is therefore a question of echoing the shape of Guerlain’s powder boxes. What’s more, roundness is always synonymous with generosity and here reveals a very positive feeling. The whole is elegantly sublimated with a powdery pink color echoing the veil of makeup that is deposited on female skin. Finally, in its center, Le Parfum M Meteorites is decorated with a label dotted with a multitude of colored balls. This is a nod to the countless small makeup powders of the traditional Guerlain Meteorites.

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