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Meteorites Pearls of Legend Christmas 2016

Meteorites Pearls of Legend Christmas 2016
Meteorites Pearls of Legend Christmas 2016

Guerlain’s famous Perles de Légende Meteorites in a limited edition

While Christmas is for most people a time of celebration and sharing, it is also a time much loved by fashionistas around the world. Indeed, many design houses offer limited editions of their greatest products at this time of year. As such, Guerlain will very soon launch its Christmas Look 2016 products , an assortment of several cosmetics intended for the fairer sex during this holiday season. Also, among the products present at the heart of this new panel, note that the famous Meteorites Perles de Légende from Guerlain have been revisited.

The essential Perles de Poudre de Guerlain

Guerlain’s Perles de Poudres are the result of artisanal know-how created in 1987. Today, they hold the secret of Star-Dust technology and are recognized around the world for their astonishing light-reflecting capacity. In addition, Guerlain’s Perles de Poudre Meteorites contain a light-creating polymer that transforms them into a pure and infinite radiance on contact with the skin. Usually, these pearls are thought in an assembly of matte white colors, pink to give freshness, yellow to fight against redness and purple to catch the light. What’s more, they are loaded with a delicate violet-based fragrance, making their application truly bewitching. Also, it is a whole new variation of this flagship product that is offered to us here.

The new Pearl of Legend meteorites

On the occasion of the Christmas holidays, the Meteorites Pearls of Legendhave been redefined in a unique version revolving around a camaieu of three shades directly inspired by the Orient. In addition, Guerlain has designed them in a blue touch capable of correcting the complexion, gold to illuminate it and pink to refresh it. These tones are reminiscent of the Indian atmosphere dear to Guerlain. Indeed, everyone is aware today that the emblematic Shalimar of the brand is directly inspired by an Indian legend at the base of the foundation of the Taj Mahal. Thanks to the Star Dust technology, a diamond powder is encapsulated in microspheres so as to reflect light to infinity. These little pearls give your face a dazzling luminosity. What’s more, the whole thing is embellished with a new gold and blue design similar to an Indian jewelry box. This limited edition is the work of Olivier Echaudemaison, creative director of Guerlain, in collaboration with Natalia Vodianova, a Russian model and actress who is one of the most famous and best paid on the planet. What is more, let us note that the latter was the muse of Shalimar for eight years. Thus, the Indian universe still seems to inhabit it today and it is a tribute to this one that it pays in this sublime collection and more particularly in the new Meteorites Perles de Légende.

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