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Millie by Kimmi Fragrance, typically Japanese and generously fruity

Millie by Kimmi Fragrance, typically Japanese and generously fruity
Millie by Kimmi Fragrance, typically Japanese and generously fruity

Millie by Kimmi Fragrance, the most fruity of small Japanese dolls

Kimmidoll is a brand that has literally invaded Europe, and which offers us a real journey with each of its creations. Initially, it was a sign whose vocation was to provide consulting in the field of early childhood. However, the brand is rather known in the manufacture of products of typically Japanese inspiration. Today, its notoriety is such that the brand also stands out in the world of perfumery. Its Kimmi Fragrance product line is aimed more precisely at a young audience. Nevertheless, the bottles of its perfumes also delight collectors. Millie is one of the most famous references of Kimmi Fragrance . So let’s take a closer look at this pretty fruity figure.

Millie’s quintessentially Japanese look

Millie fits perfectly into the large family of Kimmi Fragrance, starting with its design. Indeed, all the bottles of Kimmi Fragrance have the same shape. She is inspired by Kokeshi dolls from Japan. Originally, these were made in northern Japan by cabinet makers. Local artisans sold them as a souvenir, and her dolls were also loaded with symbols. Their vocation was to bring luck to those who received them. Kokeshi dolls were also given as a token of love or friendship. To offer a Kimmi Fragrance perfume thus amounts to immersing oneself in the purest Asian tradition while appropriating a part of esotericism. Millie has, however, been modernized somewhat. Today she is dressed in a typical Japanese kimono. Transparent, it evolves from a deep red at its base to a softer pink at its top. To recall Asian haircuts, Kimmi Fragrance dolls are all wearing a sort of colored headpiece evoking the smooth square of Japanese women. Millie dared the eccentricity to dye her hair red. This color also matches that of her lipstick. Millie immediately gives off a very sparkling, particularly feminine, and wildly playful air.

Millie’s fruity breath

To meet the skin needs of younger consumers, know that the Millie fragrancecontains only 30% alcohol. Thus, it is very slightly irritating and avoids the risk of allergy. On the scent side, Millie is a chewable fragrance materialized by a very feminine and fruity breath. Millie starts off with a lively and sparkling combination of grapefruit, tangerine and blackcurrant. This gourmet scent continues in its heart with the presence of raspberry. Nevertheless, this very feminine fruit is here associated with the lightness of lily of the valley. A cherry blossom is also a reminder of the Japanese origins of this perfume. Finally, Millie ends with a sweet and sweet base of vanilla and sandalwood: the musk very slightly asserts its glamorous side and would almost rock Millie from the innocence of childhood to the sensuality of a more mature woman. .

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