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Miss Dior, the new perfume box

Miss dior, all the know-how of the house of Dior in a new perfume box
Miss dior, all the know-how of the house of Dior in a new perfume box

Miss Dior, all the heritage of the Dior house in a box

Miss Dior is a timeless fragrance that first saw the light in 1947 but was modernized in 2005. This fragrance is aimed at a new generation of women. He offers us all his generosity and gentleness in a breath filled with sensuality. Miss Dior is the image of an elegant, joyful and loving youth. This romantic perfume has aroused unconditional love on the part of the public since its creation in 2005. Today, it returns in an original box and once again gives us its fruity and chypre breath.

The timeless scent of Miss Dior

Miss Dior is a juice that we never tire of rediscovering. It plunges us once again into the register of chypre fragrances. It takes off on a burst of citrus fruit dominated by tangerine. Strawberry leaves also give it a more vegetal flavor. Its heart is made up of jasmine and violet. This generous bouquet is not lacking in indulgence. It is wrapped in strawberry sorbet and a hint of caramelized popcorn. Finally, its base modernizes the chypre accord, bringing together white musk and patchouli for the occasion.

Miss Dior’s box

Miss Dior comes in a very clean and clear box . White in color, it is simply decorated with some golden details. It is in particular sublimated with a knot of fabric as well as a golden snowflake on its front face. The Miss Dior box contains the spray of this perfume in a 50 ml format associated with the body milk of the range.

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