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Miss Dior, the timeless chic of the house of Dior

Miss Dior, the timeless chic of the house of Dior
Miss Dior, the timeless chic of the house of Dior

Christian Dior was born in 1905, in Manche. It was in 1947 that he founded the Dior fashion house. He presents his first collection alongside Pierre Cardin, which will be described as “New Look”. The style of this collection stands out as a break with the sartorial fashion of the time. From the first year, Christian Dior created “Dior Parfums” and presented his first fragrance “Miss Dior” . If this fragrance is eternally chic and glamorous, it is above all Christian’s homage to his sister Catherine.

The couturier’s tribute to his sister Catherine

The couturier’s younger sister, Catherine adored flowers just like Christian. This is why “Miss Dior” is inspired by the scents of the garden of their house in Granville, where they grew up. For his sister, whom everyone nicknamed “Miss Dior”, the couturier wanted “a perfume that smells of love”… “Miss Dior” was thus born, a tribute full of love and tenderness. “Miss Dior” represents a promise of love in spring. The first fragrance from the house of Dior combines alchemy and particular know-how.

Christian Dior liked to say “For a perfume to last, it must first have lingered for a long time in the hearts of those who created it” … If “Miss Dior” represents the timeless chic of the Dior house, the fragrance was nevertheless revisited in 2005. The latter is intended for today’s modern and daring woman. The new “Miss Dior” is more seductive than that of 1947, more mischievous and she accepts her choices. Yesterday or today, “Miss Dior” will always be the fragrance of chic and glamor in post-war Paris.

The elegant chypre notes of Miss Dior

“Miss Dior” is defined as a sensual chypre floral. The start of “Miss Dior” is lively and ultra fresh , as it is composed of blood orange, Sicilian mandarin and bergamot. The heart of “Miss Dior” is floral and very luminous thanks to the presence of jasmine, rose and orange blossom. Finally, the base is sensual and warm with the presence of Indonesian patchouli, Indian sandalwood, amber and vetiver.

“Miss Dior” would not be “Miss Dior” without its iconic, sumptuous and ultra sophisticated bottle. In heavy glass cube, the bottle is adorned with the iconic houndstooth at its base. The whole is underlined by a playful writing and the famous romantic knot, symbol of the elegance of the Dior brand, which will be used in all the variations of “Miss Dior”.

All the elegance of the house of Dior in “Miss Dior”. Both classic and modern, “Miss Dior” is above all the couturier’s tribute to his sister Catherine, who was nicknamed “Miss Dior”. Floral, chypre and refined, the composition of “Miss Dior” has however undergone some small changes to make it more current. Be that as it may, “Miss Dior” will forever be the olfactory representation of the chic of the Dior house.

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