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Mon Guerlain, a compendium of prestige

Mon Guerlain, a compendium of prestige
Mon Guerlain, a compendium of prestige

The Guerlain house is used to beautiful things. Indeed, founded in 1828 in the heart of Paris, it has been showcasing the best of French elegance for nearly two centuries. This translates into a whole assembly of know-how. In addition, Guerlain specializes in the manufacture of luxury perfumes assorted with very prestigious bottles. However, it seems that his new creation has pushed his expertise even further. Mon Guerlain is an extraordinary perfume, a perfect blend of Guerlain’s heritage and our current trends. How about taking a quick overview of its many strengths?

The exceptional recipe from Mon Guerlain

First of all, let’s start by highlighting Guerlain’s exceptional know-how in terms of fragrance. Indeed, the brand has its own perfumer. His name is Thierry Wasser and is one of the most coveted personalities in the world of perfumery. Moreover, his talent has made him the only one to occupy the position of exclusive nose of Guerlain without coming from the family line, that is to say! This one has chosen to offer us a very contrasting fragrance, associating femininity, sensuality but also a good dose of character. Moreover, the determination of the Mon Guerlain womanappears from its first breath. This juice begins with lavender, an ingredient most often used in men’s fragrances. This daring flight is then relayed by a floral and opulent heart based on sambac jasmine. Finally, the whole is wrapped in sandalwood, the sweetness of which is associated with Tahitian vanilla. Mon Guerlain alone brings together all the facets of femininity combined with an absolutely exquisite and controlled harmony.

The return of a historic Guerlain bottle

Likewise, Mon Guerlain is displayed in a modern, prestigious and historic bottle at the same time. In addition, it takes the visual of a case made by Guerlain in 1908. It has survived the ages without ever taking a wrinkle and is here very little transformed. Mon Guerlain has thus retained the emblematic cap of its predecessor. This forms four lobes composed of hemispheres. This earned it its name of “Quadrilobed Flask”. The whole rests on a collar magnified with a finely chiseled ring of golden color. Its wider base, meanwhile, is carved from thick glass synonymous with quality. The latter reflects a tender pink juice as if to echo her femininity.

Mon Guerlain and his exceptional muse

Finally, as if all this were not enough to establish the notoriety of this new perfume, know that Mon Guerlain is endowed with one of the most prestigious muses on the planet. He is portrayed by the attractive Angelina Jolie, who shows here the first role of muse of his entire career. Undeniably, Mon Guerlain further strengthens the brand’s international ambitions, and it’s already a safe bet that the strategy will pay off.

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