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Mon Guerlain Shower Gel: a moment of happiness

Mon Guerlain Shower Gel: a moment of happiness
Mon Guerlain Shower Gel: a moment of happiness

Make your toilet a moment of happiness with Mon Guerlain Shower Gel

Perfumery is a vast sector. Indeed, while some brands are more than a century old in the field, other new players are constantly joining this activity. Among this wide range of brands, some of them stand out. This is undoubtedly the case of the Guerlain house. Also, to always satisfy its fans a little more, the brand has decided to deliver us a brand new perfume. This one is called Mon Guerlain and follows the impertinent Little Black Dress. Also, if you are one of those who are already seduced by its scent, know that this new product is already available in the form of a Shower Gel.

The aromatic delicacy of Mon Guerlain Shower Gel

Like any product that matches a fragrance, Mon Guerlain Shower Gel unquestionably recalls the scent of the fragrance to which it is attached. Thus, it seems to contain on its own all the most beautiful scents of the Guerlain brand. The Mon Guerlain Shower Gel takes off, first of all, on a fresh and aromatic blend of bergamot and lavender. Nevertheless, the Guerlain house did not choose just any variety of this Mediterranean plant.

This is Carla lavender, one of the best varieties in the world. Then, these two ingredients pave the way for a floral heart exploding with the opulence and femininity of sambac jasmine and iris. Little by little, the base of Mon Guerlain Shower Gel warms up, leaving behind only a creamy sensation as tender as a caress. It ends with a gourmet and syrupy alliance of vanilla and sandalwood. The result is a Shower Gel that is at the same time “fresh, daring, luminous and sensual”.

Mon Guerlain Shower Gel takes care of your skin

In addition to flooding your bathroom with a veil of floral femininity and softness, Mon Guerlain Shower Gel also has all of Guerlain’s skincare expertise. Indeed, the brand has been exploring the world of cosmetics for decades to provide your body with ever more benefits. Thus, Mon Guerlain Shower Gel has been dermatologically tested and is suitable for daily use for all skin types.

What’s more, its fluid and foaming texture brings a dose of hydration to your skin. As a result, your skin no longer itches and Mon Guerlain Shower Gel helps prevent any tightness. What’s more, moisturizing your skin on a daily basis helps protect against aggression. Thus, Mon Guerlain Shower Gel stains in its own way to prevent the appearance of visible signs of aging.

It appears to be a kind of enchanted parenthesis in the daily life taking care of your natural beauty. Finally, on the aesthetic side, it is delivered in the emblematic bottle of the Guerlain swimwear line. Both pure and refined, the latter celebrates femininity like an art of living.

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