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Mon Premier Cristal Lalique Collection

Mon Premier Cristal Lalique Collection
Mon Premier Cristal Lalique Collection

Mon Premier Cristal, a trio of fragrances in homage to Lalique’s heritage

Before being famous in perfumery, Lalique made a name for itself all over the planet for its extraordinary crystal creations. However, its fate was very quickly linked to that of perfumery. At the start of the 20th century, fragrances were sold in plain bottles. François Coty dreamed of selling perfumes in unusual containers. With the help of René Lalique, they made more sophisticated bottles. This is how the art of bottling was born. As if to pay tribute to this one, Lalique has just announced the release of three new fragrances in the Mon Premier Cristal collection. These are called Tendre, Sensuel and Lumière and already promise to delight fans of the brand.

Sensual, Lalique’s “molten crystal”

Lalique’s Mon Premier Cristal collection explores three techniques for working with crystals and transcribing them in olfactory form. Indeed, depending on how the crystals are worked, they offer a wide variety of visual effects. The Sensual perfume corresponds to the technique of “molten crystal”. This composition was created by perfumer Karine Dubreuil. In this case, it is an oriental and woody fragrance, very interesting for its richness in iris. Indeed, this flower is one of the noblest in perfumery and is enough in itself to give thanks to the elegance of the Lalique house. Here it is associated with heliotrope before evolving into a more amber trail emanating from tobacco and tonka bean.

Tendre, Lalique’s “satin crystal”

Tendre, meanwhile, echoes the technique of “satin crystal”. This composition is the work of perfumer Sidonie Lancesseur and belongs to the family of oriental and floral perfumes. This is arguably the most romantic composition of this trio of perfumes. What’s more, his style is very interesting because it has a strong dose of timelessness. It is both retro and modern, highlighting the smell of rice powder. This is associated with the nobility of the iris as well as a touch of violet. The lily also preserves the floral aspect of this perfume while giving it a more spicy dimension. Finally, it all ends with more heat and a creamy breath.

Lumière, Lalique’s “sculpted crystal”

Finally, Lumière is the echo of “sculpted crystal”. As its name suggests, it is a very luminous composition made by perfumer Alexandra Monet. This floral chypre is both strong and persistent. Tuberose clearly dominates this composition and also lets us guess the presence of jasmine in the background. Bitter almond here brings more sweetness without tipping the whole thing towards too much greed. The result is a spicy and balsamic fragrance whose refinement is enhanced by the presence of black saffron.

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