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Montblanc – Emblem

Montblanc - Emblem
Montblanc – Emblem

Emblem, the flagship fragrance of the Montblanc house

A major creation of the Montblanc brand, Emblem is a fragrance that was created in 2014 as a celebration of the finesse and timeless quality of refined Montblanc products. This masculine juice contains in itself all the code of the house of Montblanc, a brand hitherto more famous for its luxury pens than for this perfume. Emblem is an essence synonymous with elegance and strength, with a deceptively relaxed touch associated with freshness straight from the mountains.

The authenticity of the Emblem fragrance

More than ever, by creating the Emblem perfume, Montblanc has chosen to reinterpret all its authenticity in a different way. Thus, fans of the brand find in this juice the same identity as that present in other Montblanc products. This is a kind of tribute to the heritage of this great luxury brand, symbol of the six glacier valleys bordering the highest peak in Europe.

Emblem and a fragrance synonymous with sobriety, nobility and rigor. He is also seductive without ever going overboard. Thus, it is intended for a man endowed with a natural confidence and making ambition a way of life. It’s a bit like Emblem was designed to give the wearer a poise. Deceptively casual, this resolutely chic fragrance has a part of timelessness. It plunges us out of time and out of fashion, like the other stars of the Montblanc department, such as watches or the iconic Meisterstück 149 pens. In other words, Emblem is a sort of manifesto, the perfect incarnation of ‘Montblanc man.

Montblanc signs a fresh and contrasting fragrance

To make this fragrance, Montblanc turned to one of the most famous perfumers of the moment, Sonia Constant. Yet accustomed to making feminine fragrances, she seems to have put all her sensitivity at the service of men in this perfume. Emblem is a juice with fairly classic elegance while being revisited with modernity. Its start is cold and dazzling, as if it came directly from the glaciers. This highlights the bitter and juicy scent of grapefruit. Likewise, cardamom reinforces this polar aspect while scarle sage gives Emblem a more aromatic breath.

Likewise, pink berries and black pepper electrify this fragrance with their spicy flavor. The violet leaf in turn displays the powdery nobility of the Montblanc house. Finally, it all ends with a darker base from which escapes an earthy breath of patchouli softened with wood and ambroxan. Emblem is then presented to us in an intriguing and robust bottle. Entirely lacquered in black, it gives off an image of strength while being softened by rounded edges, as if polished by time. The whole then forms the emblematic star of the Montblanc house and it is even repeated on the top of this building in a white color.

Maison Montblanc launches Emblem, the new fragrance for men …

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A MONTBLANC object is always marked with a story.

A story that speaks of tradition, passion, art, craftsmanship: the love of noble materials and the precision implemented to achieve perfection.

MONTBLANC perfumes, in the same respect for values ​​and traditions, sign sober and elegant creations, with attention to detail and precision.

Montblanc Emblem Perfume

Montblanc launches its new men’s fragrance named Emblem. This new fragrance is heralded as the embodiment of the authentic essence and elegance of the Mont Blanc brand.

The absolute essence of Montblanc captured in a new and unique fragrance. The explosion of sage and cardamom mingles with the liveliness of grapefruit to reveal a powerful and contrasting fragrance, charming and harmonious.

The crunchy leaves of frosted young violet wrapped in cardamom add elegance and incredible character to the whole. The base note is an alchemy of precious woods as virile as it is invigorating, softened by the sensuality of the tonka bean, to deliver a unique signature, an unforgettable trail.

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Men’s Perfume

Olfactory Family: Aromatic – Woody

Top notes: Sage, Cardamom, Grapefruit.

Heart Notes: Cinnamon, Violets.

Base notes: Wood, Tonka bean.

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