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Montblanc Legend spirit appears in a new perfume box

Ambassador of elegance, Legend spirit appears in a new scented box
Ambassador of elegance, Legend spirit appears in a new scented box

The Legend Spirit box from Montblanc, a clever blend of elegance and relaxation

Montblanc is a high-end design house that embodies better than any other the image we have of luxury. The Meisterstück, an exceptional pen, has made its reputation for around a century. However, perfumery also contributes to reinforce the prestigious image of Montblanc. Among its most beautiful creations, the Legend perfume has seduced men with its elegant, serene and determined spirit. This time, Montblanc has nevertheless chosen to deliver us a derivative of this perfume. Get ready to rediscover Legend Spirit in an elegant box .

Legend Spirit, a particularly masculine fragrance

Legend Spirit is a more casual fragrance than its predecessors, which also emphasizes the masculinity of the Montblanc man. It is then much more woody than its elders. Its main breath is composed of an accord of white wood based on sandalwood, cashmere wood and cedar. The oak moss, for its part, nuances the whole. The Montblanc man does not lack determination and impertinence. Its ardor shines through in a cloud of spices. Finally, its liveliness is expressed in the freshness of grapefruit sublimated by cardamom and pink pepper.

The Montblanc box

The Legend Spirit box is completely covered in a white tint. Likewise, mountains emerge on its front face. Thus, it is almost impossible not to think of the snow-capped summit of Mont-Blanc when seeing this new packaging. Its purity is omnipresent and the Montblanc box contains the 50 ml spray of the Legend Spirit fragrance associated with its shower gel. Thus, its luxuriously masculine scent will envelop your body from head to toe.

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