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Mugler’s Cologne Fly Away

Mugler's Cologne Fly Away
Mugler’s Cologne Fly Away

Mugler Cologne Fly Away, an invigorating Eau de Cologne signed Jeremy Fragrance

Perfumes have evolved considerably over the past century. Indeed, until then, they tended to be, either much too opulent, or fresher but to lack in this case of tenacity. The Eaux de Cologne were particularly popular in this case. Bright and airy, they were used on a daily basis but tended to wear off after just a few hours. Today, Jeremy Fragrance has decided to reclaim their scent and create a collection of five different Eaux de Cologne, with added tenacity! Focus on one of the most tangy of them: Mugler Cologne Fly Away.

Jeremy Fragrance, a lover of Eau de Cologne

Jeremy Fragrance has always been fascinated by Eaux de Cologne, a product which constitutes for him the beginnings of our modern perfumery. Rediscovering them thus amounts to opening the page of part of our heritage. The making of the first Eau de Cologne is attributed to Giovanni Maria Farina, an Italian chemist, who imagined his recipe in 1709. Obtained thanks to a subtle blend of bergamot, grapefruit and orange, the first Eau de Cologne is very quickly become a mythical essence. Today, this legendary fragrance fascinates perfumers around the world. Eau de Cologne is an inexhaustible source of inspiration, as evidenced by the creation of the new Mugler Cologne Fly Away.

The Jeremy Fragrance Eau de Cologne collection

A first fragrance called Mugler Colognehad already appeared in 2001. Indeed, Jeremy Fragrance absolutely wanted to pay tribute to this type of fragrance. He sees it as the source of multiple virtues, both for the body and for the mind. For him, Eau de Cologne is not just a perfume. It is also about access to pleasure. What’s more, Jeremy Fragrance’s Eau de Cologne is intended for both men and women. Mugler Cologne Fly Away rejects the gendered idea of ​​perfume and instead advocates the notion of sharing. Each of the new essences by Jeremy Fragrance belonging to this collection has its own color. Thus, each of them is easily identifiable. Mugler Cologne Fly Away is presented to us in an orange-yellow color synonymous with all its liveliness. We have in our hands a fragrance that could not be more solar!

Mugler Cologne Fly Away, a lively and playful fragrance

Mugler Cologne Fly Away is a lively and captivating essence, ideally designed to accompany you in your daily life. With her, it’s all about excitement. Mugler Cologne Fly Away is the perfect fragrance to help you meet any challenge. With her, every moment feels like a daydream. Mugler Cologne Fly Away gives off a floating sensation, for a free and airy rendering. This perfume by Jeremy Fragrance is mainly articulated around two main ingredients. The grapefruit deploys its bitterness and freshness, while the hemp is more aromatic.

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