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Multi-Active Eyes by Clarins and its trio of efficiencies

Multi-Active Eyes by Clarins and its trio of efficiencies
Multi-Active Eyes by Clarins and its trio of efficiencies

Women today combine a multitude of activities. They juggle between the frenetic pace of the house, their professional life, their hobbies… If this allows them to be fully accomplished women, it can also have repercussions on their eyes. Indeed, the eye area is often one of the most marked on the face. Wrinkles, dark circles and bags can accumulate there, indicating excess fatigue or stress. Fortunately, Clarins has developed a treatment specially dedicated to this problem. Focus on Multi-Active Eyes , a three-in-one product to restore the radiance of its 20 years to your eyes!

All the expertise of Clarins in a treatment

Clarins is a brand which first appeared in 1954 and which has never ceased to develop colossal resources in research and development to further perfect its products. Today, Clarins has unique know-how in plant expertise. The brand has a pioneering vision of beauty and tirelessly contributes to the well-being, beauty, balance and happiness of women all over the planet. This French family brand has thus grown to become the number one in France and in Europe for high-end beauty treatments. Also, it is precisely all this expertise that is found at the heart of Multi-Active Yeux.

The natural ingredients contained in Multi-Active Eyes

Multi-Active Eyes is a very innovative product. On the one hand, it has an amazing shape and a cryo-metallic tip. In other words, it is specifically studied to combine the benefits of this product with a cold application. Its texture, for its part, immediately smooths the skin. Indeed, its active texture instantly fills and blurs wrinkles. Its shaping effect is immediate and allows your eyes to gain considerably in youth. Likewise, Multi-Active Eyes contains teasel, a plant native to North Africa but now growing in the Middle East, Europe and mainly in the Mediterranean basin. This helps prevent the appearance of dark circles and puffiness linked to stress and fatigue. Likewise, Multi-Active Eye Care contains horse chestnut escin, an anti-darkening product, as well as caffeine, an active ingredient that fights against the appearance of puffiness. As a result, the gaze is instantly refreshed.

The proven effectiveness of this new product

Of course, the effectiveness of this new Clarins product has been tested on a panel of women. In addition, tests were carried out for four weeks on 100 women aged 30 to 39 years. The latter say they are generally very satisfied with this new product. 84% of them believe that the contour of their eyes has been considerably smoother. 82% say they have a brighter look. 85% consider that they see fewer pockets in front of their eyes. Finally, 88% seem to be won over by the cryo-metallic tip which, according to them, contributes to immediately illuminating and de-swelling this area of ​​the face.

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