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Multi-Active Nuit by Clarins to regenerate skin while sleeping

Multi-Active Nuit by Clarins to regenerate skin while sleeping
Multi-Active Nuit by Clarins to regenerate skin while sleeping

Stimulate your skin regeneration with Clarins Multi-Active Night Cream

The Clarins house is one of the biggest beauty brands in the world. Today, it offers a very wide choice of treatments and continues to increase research to enhance your skin even more. What is more, she strives to offer you personalized beauty products that meet the needs of each type of skin as closely as possible. In this context, Clarins Multi-Active Night cream is intended more specifically for all people with dry skin. It acts during your sleep to make you lasting more radiant.

Your skin overnight

While it is essential to apply a day cream to your face, it is at least equally recommended to use a night cream. In fact, the skin continuously adapts to its environment. During the day, she is generally busy protecting herself from external aggressions. At night, on the other hand, it takes advantage of this moment of calm to regenerate. It is then boiling and is constantly activated. Its microcirculation is particularly intense and it is by boosting it that you will obtain even more visible and lasting results. At night, the multiplication of the cells of the epidermis is at its maximum. Skin stem cells split in half to rise to the surface and replace damaged cells. In parallel, the circulation of blood through the vessels of our skin is most important between 11:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m. Finally, know that the epidermis is more permeable at night. In other words, it better absorbs the substances that you deposit on its surface. It is therefore quite natural that Clarins had the idea of ​​making a night cream to preserve your skin youth.

Clarins Multi-Active Night Cream, for dry and young skin

Multi-Active Night Cream is intended for all people aged 30 or over who wish to preserve the beauty of their epidermis for as long as possible. It smoothes and prevents the appearance of the first wrinkles. It increases the natural glow of your skin. It moisturizes your face and thus prolongs its youth over time. Thus, thanks to her, short nights and daily stress will no longer get the better of your pretty face. All in comfort, the Multi-Active Night cream fights against dull and tired complexion while preserving your skin, even very sensitive. Its technology combines the power of plants to refine your grain and make you lastingly more radiant with life. The cream Multi-Active Night Clarinsis an anti-aging treatment which brings hydration to the skin and which is very appreciated for its creamy texture. Thanks to it, your face is deeply hydrated and regains all its vitality.

Clarins Multi-Active Night Cream is used on clean, dry skin, just before going to bed. What’s more, to stimulate your blood circulation, do not hesitate to make small circular movements when you apply it. It will only improve the firmness of your skin.

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