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Musc & Neroli from Berdoues, the fragrance with sun extracts

Musc & Neroli from Berdoues, the fragrance with sun extracts
Musc & Neroli from Berdoues, the fragrance with sun extracts

Musc & Neroli, the sun is invited into the famous 1902 collection of Berdoues

If perfumery is a profession of the future, always turned towards modernity, certain perfumes nevertheless remind us that it is also a know-how inherited from several decades of practice. France is also renowned the world over for its craftsmanship in terms of perfumery, and its unparalleled mastery of the distillation of natural raw materials. In this context, Berdoues is one of the best French standard bearers around the world. Since 1902, the Berdoues family has been making perfumes from the flowers of the Toulouse fields. To pay tribute to this sunny land and its history, Berdoues is currently presenting a new fragrance: Musc & Néroli, from the 1902 collection.

1902, a nod to the history of Berdoues

If Berdoues decided to create a collection of perfumes called 1902, it is quite simply to pay tribute to the date of creation of the brand. It all started thanks to the family’s grandfather, Pierre Berdoues. Hairdresser and barber, he decided one day to create an Eaux de Cologne in his own shop. It was the beginning of success… Today, his passion for smells has been passed down through four generations. It is now his granddaughter, Sophie, who manages the management of the company. From a simple perfume made in an independent boutique, Berdoues now generates several million turnover and employs more than 100 people. In order not to forget where its products come from, the 1902 collection pays tribute to this visionary grandfather, but also to the French love of Cologne.

Musk & Neroli, a fragrance inspired by Eaux de Cologne

Between freshness and light, Musc & Néroli is a fragrance that somewhat recalls the Eaux de Cologne of yesteryear. Indeed, for a very long time, Eaux de Cologne perfumed most men and women in France. It was not until the beginning of the last century that perfumery began to diversify. The freshness of this type of fragrance has remained in the memory of each of us. However, it is precisely the latter that we find in the composition of Musc & Néroli. As these essences once lacked tenacity, Berdoues added other ingredients to them, to give a boost of modernity to these ancestral perfumes. The result is a juice that is timeless, infinitely luminous.
Musk & Neroli from Berdouesopens with a very refreshing and zesty accord of bergamot and mandarin. Then, the pink berries come to warm the atmosphere and break with this sweet bitterness. The heart of Musc & Néroli, meanwhile, is more floral. Its feminine bouquet revolves around juniper, orange blossom and freesia. Finally, Musc & Néroli ends with a more sensual and dark base. Patchouli woods and white cedar mingle with the animality of musk.

Musc & Neroli from Berdoues is presented to us in a timeless bottle, tinted with an orange color, in a capacity of 100 ml.

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