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Musc Noble, Guerlain unveils its latest fragrance

Musc Noble, Guerlain unveils its latest fragrance
Musc Noble, Guerlain unveils its latest fragrance

Musc Noble joins the Guerlain Exclusives collection

The Guerlain house is undoubtedly one of the most exceptional companies in our heritage. To promote the image of France internationally, and thus highlight French elegance, Guerlain uses the best raw materials from nature. She then develops prestigious essences. In this context, Guerlain created the Exclusifs collection , intended for lovers of noble perfumes. A newcomer has just joined this assortment: Musc Noble takes us to the heart of the Orient!

Les Exclusifs Guerlain, fragrances full of emotion

Let’s start by presenting you, or making you rediscover, the collection of the Exclusives of Guerlain. This assortment of perfumes is aimed at all connoisseurs of noble fragrances. Guerlain Exclusives are designed “for lovers of the beautiful, the rare, aesthetes in search of the absolute”. Musc Noble was created by the talented Thierry Wasser who acts here like a true artist and who delivers us one of his most beautiful works of art. It is all his passion for his profession that resurfaces from this essence. It is as if Musc Noble de Guerlain was the fruit of five generations of Guerlain research. The result is a real masterpiece! Musc Noble only integrates raw materialsrigorously selected. Nothing seems too good to spark the imagination and transport you to the heart of the eastern lands. Musc Noble is a true olfactory adventure full of emotion.

Musc Noble, a warm and sensual fragrance

Musc Noble highlights one of the most mysterious raw materials in perfumery: musk. However, it is also an ingredient widely used by perfumers. Indeed, musk has the gift of bringing character to perfumes that contain it while increasing their tenacity. The creators of perfumes can no longer do without it and it is all the richness and depth of this raw material that we find at the heart of this exceptional essence. Musc Noble also revolves around the rose. Its elegance is accentuated by the spicier presence of geranium. Saffron also reinforces its oriental side while highlighting the refinement of this juice. Its base finally becomes more woody and amber. Dominated by cedar, this new essence does not lack character!

Guerlain offers a reinterpretation of the mythical Flacon aux Abeilles

Like all the perfumes in the Exclusifs de Guerlain collection, Musc Noble is presented to us in a sort of reinterpretation of the mythical Flacon aux Abeilles. Its cylindrical base is surmounted by a dome. The whole is also topped with a golden pearl. The bottle of Musc Noble is this time fully lacquered in a burgundy color. Its golden reflections evoke the refined and oriental universe of this essence. Moreover, this is further highlighted by the arabesques that constitute its label. For the record, know that this is a motif inspired by the “Poudre C’est Moi” created by Guerlain at the end of the 20s. Finally, last detail which is important: a ribbon is tied at the level of its collar, adding a touch of chic to the whole.

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