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My Guerlain Gold; Guerlain’s new homage to its origins

My Guerlain Gold;  Guerlain's new homage to its origins
My Guerlain Gold; Guerlain’s new homage to its origins

Mon Guerlain Gold, all the wealth of gold in homage to one of the biggest perfume brands

The Guerlain house is one of the most prestigious brands in France. For five generations, it has continued to enrich our olfactory catalog, to promote our artisanal know-how to the four corners of the globe. Paying tribute to its respect for tradition, its use of the finest raw materials and its absolute elegance, the brand decided to make a perfume called Mon Guerlain, in 2017. Guerlain recently presented us with Mon Guerlain intense . Today, history is repeating itself, in an even more prestigious collector’s edition. Guerlain invites you to discover all the splendor of gold in its new essence: Mon Guerlain Gold.

Mon Guerlain Gold, the story of a large family in a perfume

Since its creation, Guerlain has brought together more than 1,200 scented creations in its catalog. The secret of its success? The use of rare and prestigious raw materials, brought together in secret and perfectly balanced concentrations. The five generations of Guerlain who have succeeded at its head have in common the love of a job well done and the passion for beautiful works. However, this is precisely all that the Mon Guerlain Gold perfume seems to possess. This juice is rich in emotions and is inspired by one of the most coveted materials: gold. Immediately, this precious liquid seems to flow on the skin of women like a caress. My Guerlain Gold is like the quintessence of a history rich in experience and success.

Mon Guerlain Gold, suave flowers enhanced with aromatic freshness

Mon Guerlain Gold is a very contrasting fragrance, rich in many reliefs. Like all editions of Mon Guerlain, it highlights the scent of Carla lavender, specially cultivated for Guerlain, renowned the world over for its exceptional quality. Appearing in its top notes, it is accompanied by bergamot, for a fresh and airy finish. Then, Mon Guerlain Gold lets all its femininity speak in a more floral heart. It combines jasmine, iris and rose, which are three of the largest flowers used in women’s perfumery. These succulent scents are still enveloped in a suave and seductive vanilla. The tonka bean and sandalwood make it even smoother. Finally, benzoin leaves behind a resinous scent.

Mon Guerlain Gold, the famous Guerlain bottle is dressed in gold

My Guerlain Gold has the same bottle as its predecessors. Its bottle is topped with its emblematic quadrilobed stopper, a true Guerlain trademark, which appeared in 1908, in collaboration with the Baccarat house. Clean and sober, this bottle is always decorated with a finely chiseled neck and adorned with a golden ring. Its old pink juice, on the other hand, has completely disappeared. To echo its name and refinement, it has been replaced with a golden-colored scent. For a little and one would almost believe that it is about a melted gold juice. This showcase designed by Guerlain is also highlighted in its ads by the sumptuous Angelina Jolie , now the brand’s official muse.

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