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My Paris, a fragrance of emotions signed Yves Saint Laurent

My Paris, a fragrance of emotions signed Yves Saint Laurent
My Paris, a fragrance of emotions signed Yves Saint Laurent

Today, the talented designer Yves Saint Laurent has given way as artistic director to the talented Hedi Slimane. Indeed, it is he who has held the reins of this great house of creation since 2012. It was then renamed Yves Saint-Laurent Paris, and for good reason … This house of creation is today recognized worldwide and shines the image of the capital all over the world. Also, it’s a brand new creation dedicated to this city that will see the light of day in the summer of 2016. Get ready to welcome the brand new Yves Saint Laurent perfume, soberly named Mon Paris.

The dazzling smell of Mon Paris

This new fragrance is heralded as a dazzling juice, a sort of ode to the love of modern times. My Paris starts off with a particularly fruity scent. Yves Saint-Laurent then worked around different facets of the fruit. Strawberries are very sweet and almost evoke the smell of candy. It is however nuanced by the greener contribution of the pear as well as by the sweeter and juicier scent of the raspberry. Then, Mon Paris evolves towards a more floral heart dominated by the datura flower. This was used for a very long time in shamanic practices as well as in religious rituals. This flower, sacred to the Aztecs, thus gives the whole an almost mystical side. It reveals its power and is then accompanied by the pure elegance of peony as well as the sweet opulence of jasmine. Then, Mon Paris also develops solar and luminous tones of orange blossom. The waxy and powdery scents of this plant nevertheless gradually evolve towards a more chypre and intense background. In this case, Mon Paris ends with a clever mix of patchouli and white musk. Its wake then becomes all the more sensual.

A new collaboration between Yves Saint Laurent and Cara Delevingne

If, for the moment, no informationhas not filtered on its packaging, we do know, however, that Mon Paris will be embodied by the charming Cara Delevingne, a 23-year-old model who has worked many times with the Yves Saint-Laurent house. This singular top model has notably shown off through ultra sexy campaigns. His rock ‘n’ roll and glamor attitude is mainly remembered for the brand’s Pur Couture lipstick. We found there the sulphurous blonde displaying unparalleled sex appeal. Ember eyes, luscious mouth, seductive attitude, naked body simply dressed in a jacket… There is no doubt, by displaying such a visual, Yves Saint-Laurent was indeed sure to be talked about! Also, at the moment, no visual has filtered on the occasion of the release of the new perfume Mon Paris.

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