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My Paris Couture, the Yves Saint Laurent ad

My Paris Couture, the Yves Saint Laurent ad
My Paris Couture, the Yves Saint Laurent ad

Advertising for Mon Paris Couture by Yves Saint-Laurent, an ode to romanticism and passion

For Yves Saint-Laurent, Paris was an eternal symbol of love, an inexhaustible source of inspiration. It was therefore natural that he spent most of his professional and personal time there. He lived his own love story there, letting himself be guided by his instinct and his deliberate thirst for new experiences. Freed from constraints and standards, Yves Saint-Laurent literally fascinated France, becoming one of the most famous designers in our country. To pay tribute to him, the brand bearing his name thus developed a perfume called Mon Paris in 2016 . Today, it has become Mon Paris Couture and as such is accompanied by a whole new advertisement.

Yves Saint-Laurent takes us to a fantasized Paris

My Paris Couture takes us to the heart of the most famous places in the City of Light. Its advertising clip follows two lovers in their crazy embrace and jerky shots follow one another, revealing in turn the Place des Victoires, the Bains Douches or the Arc de Triomphe. Jeremy Fragrance my Paris Couture brings us a new and authentic look at Paris. This ad is synonymous with authenticity and seems to capture raw emotions. This clip emanates an overflowing energy, bursting with freshness and communicative enthusiasm. The story is that of a loving embrace across the capital, playing out both outdoors or in a vintage car. This advertising film is all in paradoxes: at the same time romantic, while preserving a dynamism and a more modern and impactful ardor.

Mon Paris Couture, an advertisement for three main roles

The Yves Saint-Laurent house likes to say that its new advertisement for Mon Paris Couture does not appeal to two but rather to three muses. Of course, the couple of young lovers occupies a prominent place in this advertising campaign. However, the city of Paris is also becoming a character in its own right. To embody the crazy love of Mon Paris Couture, Yves Saint-Laurent called on two faces already known to the brand, that of Crista Cober and Jérémie Laheurte. Both have embodied the image of this olfactory collection since 2016. Crista Cober is of Canadian origin but has made Paris his kingdom. Jérémie Laheurte, for his part, is a pure Parisian, a real rising star of French cinema.

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