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My Paris, the scent of today’s Parisiennes YSL

My Paris, the quintessence of today's Parisians
My Paris, the quintessence of today’s Parisians

It was in July 1961 that Yves Saint Laurent founded his fashion house of the same name, with the help of his friend Pierre Bergé. Renowned for hiding behind his big glasses, the young couturier likes to provoke the bourgeoisie he hates.

This is what he will do, not only by posing nude for the advertisement of his first perfume, but also with “Rive Gauche” which encourages women to come out of their shackles. After great and magnificent olfactory successes, Yves Saint Laurent presents “Mon Paris” , a variation of the iconic “Paris” released in 1983.

Yves Saint Laurent’s love for the capital

Because he set up his first boutique there, Yves Saint Laurent has boundless love for the city of Paris. He also dedicated his first perfume “Rive Gauche” to her. Paris has marked his entire life as a designer, and it is also there that the couturier died in 2008… In 1983, the brand offered a new pledge of love to the capital with “Paris”, a luminous fragrance that highlighted Paris , city of light, theater and elegance. In 2016, the YSL brand pushed its love for the capital even further with “My Paris”.

With this Parisian fragrance, the entire YSL house is in the spotlight, its know-how and its exceptional talent. The American press has even called YSL “King of Paris”. It is true that its impact on global fashion is unprecedented. “My Paris” is a dazzling and very contemporary essence. “My Paris” offers love the power to overcome all obstacles.

The emotions of Mon Paris

It is a talented trio of perfumers who are at the origin of “My Paris”, namely Olivier Cresp, Harry Frémont and Dora Baghriche Arnaud. Regarding “My Paris”, Olivier Cresp affirms “It’s a very luminous perfume, but which also has an addictive side which makes you addicted. Just like romantic relationships where we text each other all day long ”…“ My Paris ”is defined as an elegant and contemporary fragrance . Its composition takes off on bergamot, immediately joined by sweet and fruity tones such as raspberry and pear.

The heart of “Mon Paris” is sumptuously floral and marvelously combines jasmine, peony, datura flower and orange blossom, which here gives the whole a dazzling luminosity. Finally, the enveloping and silky base offers the last sensual scents thanks to the presence of white musks, ambroxan and patchouli. The bottle of “Mon Paris” is reinvented in a much more modern setting.

Always so luminous and elegant, the bottle of “Mon Paris” is intended to be more refined than for its predecessor. Her silhouette seems very worked, like a diamond. Its glass is thick and its base transparent. The multifaceted appearance, even if it is less important than that of its elder, reflects the outside light perfectly well. Finally, the black bow worn around its collar gives this bottle a special glamor side. Here, the knot takes the form of a black openwork ribbon. The “Lavallière” bow is the emblem of the YSL house, a logo which is delicately applied to the same bow.

Finally, the pale pink color of the nectar offers a final touch of femininity.

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