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Narciso Rodriguez – Narciso Eau de Toilette

Narciso Eau de Toilette Narciso Rodriguez
Narciso Eau de Toilette Narciso Rodriguez

Discover the new version of the Narciso perfume launched this year, elegant, seductive, bewitching perfumes …

Narciso Eau de Toilette

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Seduction – Narciso

“The two Narciso fragrances embrace each end of seduction, in different ways. With Eau de Toilette, the idea was to further explore the mercurial nature of attraction, of desire, ”says Narciso Rodriguez.

Eau de Toilette invites a more explicit, more intense and sensual sensuality. Narciso Eau de Toilette unveils a new facet of femininity to capture the power of seduction that resides in each woman embodied for this new edition by Raquel Zimmerman. She reveals herself through the images by captivating you with her unshakeable gaze by sending you a powerful invitation that reflects the seduction, the addiction of the Narciso perfume.

Bottle – Narciso

Narciso Rodriguez Perfumes Narciso
Narciso Rodriguez Perfumes Narciso

Like L’Eau de Perfume, Narciso Eau de Toilette uses the same graphic codes but with a diametrically opposed color palette, the bottle is tinted with a deep, intense black. The cube-shaped glass bottle, tinted black in a semi-oval shape echoes the sculptural beauty of the model Raquel Zimmerman. The details of elegance and perfection are found in the outline of the transparent glass bottle reminiscent of the sweetness of musk, signature of Narciso Rodriguez perfumes.

“Both fragrances convey the expression of duality inked in the femininity that is at the heart of all my work, both for perfume and for fashion.” Narciso Rodriguez

Olfactory Family: Floral – Woody – Musky

Top Note: Musk Accord
Heart Notes: Bulgarian Rose, Peony Base
Note: White Cedar, Black Cedar, Vetiver

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