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Narciso Rodriguez perfume Narciso Poudrée

Narciso Rodriguez - Powdered Narciso
Narciso Rodriguez – Powdered Narciso

Narciso Rodriguez is an American fashion designer who started perfumery in 2003. His first juice was then a particularly elegant and very feminine chypre.

The latest Narciso Rodriguez fragrance: Narciso Poudrée

Some saw the baroque spirit of the 80s revisited in a very contemporary way. Also, success was immediately there. Since that day, Narciso Rodriguez has enjoyed revisiting his star essence. Also, it is in this continuity that the new Narciso Poudrée will soon see the light of day. It is heralded as a new chapter in the story, particularly sensual and very seductive. His ambition was to revisit femininity to make it more mature but just as natural.

The touching story of Narciso Rodriguez

Basically, Narciso Rodriguez was not destined to work in perfumery. Indeed, he studied styling at the prestigious Parsons School of Design. Very quickly, he entered the Calvin Klein house. It was there that he signed his first creations and met the famous Carolyn Bessette Kennedy. The two became very close friends. Also, Carolyn asked Narciso Rodriguez to make her wedding dress. He accepted and his famous creation was then screened in one of all the biggest celebrity magazines on the planet. Without knowing it, Narciso Rodriguez had just signed the dress that would quite simply propel his career to the highest peak.

Thus, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy became more than a friend. She was a true muse for him. However, the end of the story is not worthy of a fairy tale since the latter lost her life in an accident at sea. Deeply bereaved, Narciso Rodriguez then decided to pay homage to her by creating a perfume to her. picture. This is how he launched into perfumery and published his very first fragrance, soberly named For Her. Also, the brand new Narciso Poudrée is none other than a new interpretation of femininity seen by Narciso Rodriguez.

Narciso Powdered Perfume by Narciso Rodriguez
Narciso Powdered Perfume by Narciso Rodriguez

The femininity of the new Narciso Poudrée

This new fragrance from Narciso Rodriguez is particularly seductive. It is simultaneously velvety, powerful and delicate. Also, musk is the ingredient that clearly dominates this composition. Its intense scent then gives it a very sensual, even somewhat animalistic aspect. Nevertheless, it is worked in a powdery way and thus regains a little of its lightness. Likewise, the surge of Narciso Poudrée is based on a particularly feminine scent of Bulgarian rose.

This ingredient is a great classic in perfumery and releases a floral, fresh and fruity scent. It is then associated with white jasmine, a very refined ingredient reserved for fine perfumery which releases light and warm scents that are both rich and opulent. Finally, the fund is based on more intensity. We find in particular the very identifiable smell of vetiver. The latter is simultaneously green, smoky and earthy. It is then coupled with a drier sensation emanating from the cedar.

The Narciso Poudrée perfume bottle

Everything is contained in an emblematic cubic bottle of the house of Narciso Rodriguez. Nevertheless, on the occasion of the release of the new Narciso Poudrée, it is provided with a flesh-colored interior lacquering reminiscent of the color of the skin.

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