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Narciso Rouge: new Narciso Rodriguez box set

Narciso Rouge: new Narciso Rodriguez box set
Narciso Rouge: new Narciso Rodriguez box set

Narciso Rouge, the fragrance of Narciso Rodriguez, in a dazzling new box!

It all started in 2014, when Narciso Rodriguez decided to design a perfume soberly bearing his name, echoing the myth of Narcissus. “Narciso is an unusual name,” he said, “and which is reminiscent of the Narcissus of mythology. This resolutely romantic myth is an inexhaustible source of narrative inspiration. Nevertheless, in 2018, it seems that romanticism has given way to a real surge of passion. Narciso Rodriguez conceived a worthy descendant for him bearing the name of Narciso Rouge , the color of a more fusional and incandescent love. Today, this juice is delivered in a brand new box, enough to offer as a gift a demonstration of your most fiery feelings!

Narciso Rouge, a box burning with desire

As its pretty color suggests, the Narciso Rouge box set is not lacking in daring or temperament, and seems to be burning with passion. After all, what better color than this to embody the forbidden, temptation and desire? Narciso Rodriguez’s box set seems to contain on its own an explosion of femininity, exploring the art of love and pushing its limits ever further. Narciso Rouge is a perfume that we offer to the loved one, the commitment of a carnal alliance and an unreasoning love. So what does this new packaging contain and what hot scent does it contain?

The elegant musky scent of Narciso Rodriguez

Narciso Rodriguez has here imagined a perfume flirting with elegance and sensuality. Narciso Rouge begins with a very floral touch, containing rose and iris. The rose, star of perfume for women, here deploys all the romanticism of this composition. The iris, on the other hand, turns out to be more powdery. Very luxurious, it is to this day one of the most noble elements of the entire palette of the perfumer. Then, the animality of Narciso Rouge takes over, while his heart takes charge of a more animal musk. Its base is wrapped in a smooth tonka bean, while vetiver and cedar give it more character, tenacity and depth.

The Narciso Rouge box

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It only remains for us to discover the pretty box set of Narciso Rodriguez. Perfectly matched to the colors of the Narciso Rouge bottle, it shines with a flamboyant red that does not go unnoticed! A satin ribbon seems to slip on its front face. Apart from these elements, the Narciso Rouge box preserves a fairly sober and minimalist appearance. In this rectangular case hides three different products. The 50 ml spray of the Narciso Rodriguez perfume is accompanied here by a body milk and a shower gel. Thus, Narciso Rodriguez offers you a complete beauty ritual. It allows you to deposit your favorite scent on your entire body, amplifying the scent of your perfume in the process. What’s more, its body milk is ideal for taking care of your skin day after day.

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