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New 1957 fragrance from CHANEL

New 1957 fragrance from CHANEL
New 1957 fragrance from CHANEL

Chanel presents its brand new perfume, 1957, a tribute to its history

The Chanel house was born in France, in 1910. Nevertheless, it did not take long to increase its notoriety, until it won the heart of the other side of the Atlantic. Today, more specifically targeting its American customers, Chanel reveals a brand new perfume, exclusively presented in its New York boutique, at the Chanel flagship store, at 15 East 57 Street. On the other hand, if the announcement of this release was made on November 15, we will still have to wait until February to be able to smell this perfume. So what about this new juice and what will they be paying homage to?

Why did you choose the year 1957?

With such a name, the question that immediately comes to mind is: why did you choose to pay homage to the year 1957? What happened to Coco Chanelat that time ? That year, Gabrielle Chanel was rewarded with the Neiman Marcus Award, a true consecration in the world of couture. This prize then put forward his incredible talent and his emerging daring. For the record, she was received by Stanley Marcus and Carrie Marcus Neiman as guest of honor at the opening of the new luxury store in Dallas. What’s more, 1957 was a pivotal year in the world of Chanel for yet another reason. It was also at this time that one of his most iconic creations appeared: the famous two-tone beige and black sandal by Chanel. It is therefore precisely all these elements that the new 1957 fragrance echoes.

A bottle that matches the Chanel spirit

The 1957 perfume is presented in a bottle decorated with two colors. Obviously, it is beige and black, the same two colored shades found on the famous Chanel shoes. This combination of colors is the perfect expression of Gabrielle Chanel’s tastes and is one of the basics of the brand. For perfumer Olivier Polge, “1957 embodies the Chanel spirit, with its radiant and timeless elegance”.

The sensual smell of 1957, an exclusive fragrance

The 1957 perfume thus joins the famous Chanel Exclusives collection. Composed from rare and finely worked raw materials, the perfumes of the Exclusifs de Chanel collection are distinguished by their beauty and exceptional refinement. What is more, they all have in common to evoke a fragment of the history of Gabrielle Chanelherself. So how does this materialize on a purely olfactory level? 1957 is a fluffy, tender and sensual fragrance at the same time. It is based on a base of white musks and thus exudes absolute purity. Its top notes, meanwhile, are fresher and are dominated by the tangy presence of bergamot. Floral and honeyed notes form the heart of this fragrance. Neroli further illuminates the whole. Finally, 1957 ends with a more woody base of cedar and powdered with iris.

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