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New ad for Eau de Rochas perfume

New ad for Eau de Rochas perfume
New ad for Eau de Rochas perfume

The timeless Eau de Rochas gets a new advertisement

Created in 1970, Eau de Rochas is a classic . This fragrance is one of the most emblematic essences of our time. Decades pass on him without ever leaving any wrinkles. Moreover, Eau de Rochas is still one of the best-selling perfumes in the world today. How can we not remember his advertisements of the last decade, rocked by the soft voice of Edith Piaf and his title “No, I do not regret anything”? Today, it seems that Rochas has once again decided to stop time and more precisely to offer us a maritime break. Focus on the new advertisement for Eau de Rochas.

The many faces of Eau de Rochas

Eau de Rochas was born in 1970 and did not take its final name until 1983. It has remained one of the preferred fresh eau de toilette of Europeans, and more particularly of the Spaniards. This great classic is famous for its olfactory rigor and its soothing sensation. In fact, Eau de Rochas draws its inspiration from Greece. Nicolas Mamounas, then exclusive perfumer of Rochas , had seen in this place a real painting. The air was soft and clear. The clear waves rocked the seashore. The place was peaceful and the foam of the waves crashed against the rocks, leaving a splash like fountains accompanied by a crystal clear sound and a silvery trickle.

L’Eau de Rochas also perpetuated the myth by adopting many faces in turn. So, in 1993, she metamorphosed into a male version. In 2006, it became Reflets d’Eau de Rochas. It has also been transformed successively into an Eau Sensuelle, an Eau Fraiche, an Escapade in the Mediterranean and a Summer Escapade. All these alterations have in common to highlight the maritime and aquatic freshness. They all evoke a feeling of calm and serenity. However, these are all elements that can be found in the new advertisement for Eau de Rochas.

Advertising for the Eau de Rochas fragrance

The new advertisementpour l’Eau de Rochas only lasts about twenty seconds, but that is more than enough to give us a glimpse of a wind of freedom in our daily lives. This television clip shows us the portrait of a sparkling and radiant young woman walking the seaside with a light and twirling step. Her hair seems to be rocked by the spray and her complexion is radiant with freshness. With a smile on her lips and a cheerful look, this city-dweller seems delighted with her little maritime getaway. Her Rochas pumps in hand, she walks the shore and lets the water tickle her feet. The autumn sun is omnipresent and traverses the screen. He creates subtle play of light and shadow. The visual ends with the vision of the Eau de Rochas bottle, as if this enchanted parenthesis were contained in this timeless bottle.

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