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New Boss The Scent Parfum Edition

New Boss The Scent Parfum Edition
New Boss The Scent Parfum Edition

Boss The Scent Edition Perfume, the new seduction digest from Hugo Boss

Until 2015, the Hugo Boss house shone all over the world thanks to its Boss Bottled fragrance , a real bestseller of the brand. Then, Hugo Boss decided to renew itself and give a more prestigious and mature image of its male perfumery. This is how the Boss The Scent perfume was created . This juice then revealed to us a facet of the man never before exploited by Hugo Boss: that of personal and sentimental success. Indeed, Hugo Boss relied before on the rather professional register. Taking us into the intimacy of men, Hugo Boss has this time decided to write a new chapter in their history. Focus on the new Boss The Scent Edition Parfum.

Welcome to the intimate lair of the Hugo Boss man!

Through Boss The Scent Edition Perfume, it’s a bit as if the Hugo Boss man is sharing with us part of his personal story. He opens the way to his world and plays in the register of seduction. However, don’t get me wrong, this is not an easy and acquired seduction. The Hugo Boss man likes to take his time to listen to his partner. Its rhythm is gradually changing. It is tinged with expectation and anticipation. With him, seducing is not a game. It is an art in its own right, a perfect balance between assurance and nonchalance. Boss The Scent Edition Parfum plays on a masterful orchestration. It is a juice that is both passionate and fiery but refined and elegant.

The new Boss The Scent Edition Parfum fragrance

Let’s start by detailing the bottle of this new perfume. Boss The Scent Edition Parfum clearly resumes the silhouette of its predecessor. Thus, its belonging to the large Hugo Boss family is immediately identifiable. Boss The Scent Edition Parfum is presented in a sort of glass cage surrounded by vertical lines. Boss The Scent Edition Parfum has a cylindrical shape, at the border between strength and emotion. Its old-fashioned amber juice, on the other hand, has given way to an opaque black hue. On the scent side, Boss The Scent Edition Parfum plays less in the register of fruity flavors than its predecessor. It turns more to spicy undertones.

It begins with an intense sensation of freshness brought by citrus fruits. Moreover, it continues in its heart with the presence of mint. Ginger, meanwhile, immediately gives it a more peppery breath while increasing its share of eroticism. Maninka fruit, an ingredient introduced in perfumery by Hugo Boss, offers us a scent similar to a duo of passion fruit and rum. The iris root reinforces the elegance of this perfume. Finally, Boss The Scent Edition Parfum is structured by deeper patchouli. It finally ends with a sensual duo of leather and wood.

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